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Emergency Dual Head Eyewash With Drench Hose Deck Mounted

Dual purpose wall mounted eye wash/drench hose unit is installed on the table top at ordinary times and meets the requirements of ANSI Z358.1 as a primary eyewash. It can be pulled up at will in case of emergency, which is convenient to use

EYE WASHING NOZZLE: The safety eyewash nozzle is made of non combustion supporting PC material and molded into one which has the functions of filtering foam and dust prevention. The upper dust cover can  prevent dust. It can be washed away by water at any time when in use, and reduce the short-term high water pressure when suddenly opened to avoid hurting eyes.

 WATER CONTROL VALVE:The water control valve is made of brass and nickel plated,the valve can be closed automatically and sealed reliably,providing ”hands free” operation.A flow regulating control valve is set, which can be adjusted to the flow suitable for human eyes according to the water supply pressure.

APPLICATION: Dual purpose eyewash/drench hose for deck mounting. Unit meets the provisions of ANSI Z358.1  as both an eyewash and a drench hose. Unit may be left in the mounting on the table top for use as a fixed eyewash, leaving user’s hands free. Alternatively, unit may be removed for use as 1500mm long stainless steel hose to rinse any part of user’s eyes, face or body. Recommended for labs and warehouses.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 39 × 37 × 14 cm


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